The Definitive Guide to the Best Kettlebell Exercises

Kettlebell exercises have gained immense popularity over the last few years because the workouts it offers are packed with innumerable benefits. Not only do the exercises help lose weight, but the best kettlebell workout offers a powerful combination of cardiovascular, flexibility and core strength training.

Benefits of Kettlebell Exercises

A 30-minute worth of kettlebell exercises helps increase endurance that results in fat loss and creates lean muscles, enhances core strength and muscle strength and provides greater flexibility, stability, and perfect body coordination.

Having the best kettlebell training is a sure fire way to burn fat. The most common exercises are dead-lift, kettlebell, swing, and goblet squat which strengthen, tone, and firm the hamstring, back, and abs.

Kettlebell exercises are very easy to perform and take very little time as well, giving you the freedom to cut down your gym time while letting you perform on your other tasks without compromising maintenance of your figure.

One Step Closer to a Lean Body through the Best Kettlebell Workout

Those aiming for a fast weight loss solution should purchase a kettlebell right now as not only are they compact, but also cheaper compared to other heavy and costly exercise machines. Don’t worry though, as you will not have a muscular body but a rather svelte figure. Kettlebell exercises are all about balance and can fit into any regimen with ease. People who perform cardio workouts and lift weights regularly can ditch their gym routine all together by counting on a fair kettlebell exercise practice.

Women performing the best kettlebell workout focusing on the upper body should begin with less weight say close to 10 or 12 pounds, and it is recommended that men add a few more pounds. Kettlebell exercises concentrating on the lower body like swings, squats, etc should begin with an 18 pound to 22 pound. The kettlebell exercises should be performed on a frequency of three to five times a week, lasting for about thirty minutes each day for maximum results.



It is recommended that a rest should be taken for 20 to 40 seconds between the sets, depending on the intensity your kettlebell workout routines.

Why Kettlebell Exercises Are the Best ?

Kettlebell exercises are very simple to perform and very time efficient. Kettlebells are portable and inexpensive compared to the gym membership and exercise equipment. One purchase of a kettlebell will take you through a good 6 months of training.

Kettlebells burn fat at a tremendous rate – a recent survey conducted by the American Council on Exercise concluded that performing snatches with a kettlebell equal to someone running at a 6 minute per mile pace. That’s the intensity!

Kettlebell exercises are very engaging, and as you climb higher in the expertise ladder, you start to learn that there are countless variations of performing these exercises. Since the exercises entail various moves, it keeps the brain and body equally occupied and lessens the chances of seeming like a mundane task.

So go ahead and buy that kettlebell right now and amaze everyone with your ripped and chiseled physique.


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